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Already Retired

70 years old and over

Second Half—Staying Prepared

Congratulations! Your hard work paid off. Hopefully, you are enjoying all that retirement has to offer. By now, you may need to start down-sizing to a more efficient lifestyle to stay within your means. You may also be thinking about the legacy you will leave your family. It's time for serious planning to ensure your wishes are met after you're gone. Here are some things you need:

  • More money in banking products such as money markets, savings accounts, and checking accounts.

  • More annuities with a portion exercising their lifetime income provisions rather than staying in deferment.

  • Legal documents that focus on elder care issues written by an attorney that is an expert in elder law.

LYFE Advisors will help you secure everything you need for your twilight years so that you can live the rest of your life in comfort and safety. We have everything you need to make sure your legacy is preserved, and your family is taken care. Get started today to make sure you stay prepared.

Are you prepared financially for retirement, preserving your legacy, or a medical emergency?

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