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Stock Market Crash Probabilities In Q4

By LyfeAdvisors

We’re recommending getting out of the market, again. As far as we can see the market is broken in the U.S. and U.K. The United States valuations are way too high, even without the economic fiasco underway, and the U.K.’s market structure appears at best to be broken in many places. We decided not to play ball in a minefield. 


Are you Prepared For A 2nd Stock Market Crash Of 2020?

By LyfeAdvisors

When it comes to your retirement plan and trying to “time the markets,” good luck, because no one knows when the market will go up, and no one knows when the market will go down.


Why Now is The Time To Transfer Your 401K To An IRA

By LyfeAdvisors

The Federal Reserve is buying junk bonds and corporate debt ETFs as part of its campaign to revive the American economy. Next on its shopping list could be common stocks which would not be good for future     investment upside. 


10 Reasons the stock market will likely crash again

By LyfeAdvisors

Despite the fact that many saw it coming, the stock market crash of March 2020 took an enormous toll on global economies. Most G20 countries saw an economic downturn of 30 % (percent) as a result of the global shutdown and widespread panic caused by the global health crisis. 

ss card cut.jfif


By LyfeAdvisors

Social Security plays a vital role in the financial security for tens of millions of Americans. However, we've known for years that Social Security faced a long-term challenge, as the large number of retiring Baby Boomers reflected a demographic shift that is predictably putting pressure on the program.



By LyfeAdvisors

To end 2019, our phones have been ringing off the hook. With the markets back to 2008 volatility, investors have been in panic mode trying to figure out what to do....


A Bigger Advantage for Medicare Advantage Plans

By LyfeAdvisors


Close to the end of December, we received a call from a 62-year-old gentleman, a neighbor of one of our clients. After a quick introduction, he asked, "I've heard from my neighbor that you work in the stock market. I wanted to discuss my investments. Can you please help?"

Old Western Town


By LyfeAdvisors


One of my family’s favorite places in Arizona is the Rawhide Western Town off of I-10 in Chandler, Arizona. It is an authentic replica of an 1880’s town complete with a Main Street...

Watch Your Retirement Budget 

By LyfeAdvisors

Congratulations! You’ve made it to retirement and your Golden Years! You're going to sit back, relax, enjoy the sunshine and reflect on life so far...

How to Decide When to Retire (or decide anything)

By LyfeAdvisors

Isn’t decision-making supposed to get easier as you get older?  If our clients are any indication, that’s not the case.  It seems like every day in our office... 

10 Healthy Snacks to Pack

By LyfeAdvisors

Even if you have a healthy diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you may be undoing your good habits if you indulge in unhealthy snacks in-between meals...

Do you know IRMAA? 

By LyfeAdvisors


You may already be familiar with IRMAA. I’m not the Irma who lives on your street. I am referring to the Part D income-related monthly adjustment amount (IRMAA)...

Bad News for Bond Owners

By LyfeAdvisors


In the original 1976 film, Bad News Bears with Tatum O’Neil and Walter Matthau, the Bears lose the final game, but they celebrate anyway because they...

Yoga and You

By LyfeAdvisors


Stretching daily and keeping active is important at any age. Yoga is a great way to keep yourself limber and a form of low-impact strength training. Yoga...

Conquer Your Retirement Fears

By LyfeAdvisors


In a perfect world, retirement would look like it does in a magazine ad or in commercials. Visualize...

Are You Prepared?

By LyfeAdvisors

As we all know, one of the biggest concerns we have is being taken care of with the best possible care in the event of an illness or accident that leaves...

Inflation Is Coming and How To Prepare

By LyfeAdvisors

Inflation is on its way back to America! Since this topic hasn’t come up since 2007, let’s brush up on that...

A Healthy Mind Starts With a Healthy Body.

By LyfeAdvisors

March is here, and many of us have already abandoned our annual New Year’s resolutions to eat...

Get Yourself a Team!

By LyfeAdvisors

Steve and Judy (names changed for privacy) were meeting with one of our Medicare planners to assist them in selecting the most appropriate Medicare....

Health Tip of the Month

By LyfeAdvisors

Let 2018 finally be the year you quit smoking! Learn some of the immediate benefits that happen once you make the Choice to quit once and for all...

New Medicare Cards are on the Way

By LyfeAdvisors

Be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox. If haven’t heard already, Medicare will be sending out new cards starting this April...

If it is to be, it is up to me...

By LyfeAdvisors

Growing up, my Pa was my EVERYTHING. I come from humble beginnings. My grandfather, a minister and teacher. My grandmother, also a teacher...

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