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what the $@#! is lyfeBeast anyway?....

It's a movement.

It's a message.

It's a way of lyfe.

Our goal here at lyfeBeast is simple, we want to advise the young generations on how to fulfill their dreams. How to start a business, how to do what you love, how to work for yourself and not for anyone else.

We're scared for our youth.

Riddled with debt, no job offers that get them excited, living paycheck to paycheck. Today's environment for how to become successful is completely different than before.

You might be 30 years old by the time you ever invest in yourself because we have turned into such an "Instant Gratification" culture.

That outfit, that trip, those kicks.

All that shit seems more logical to today's 20 something's than putting 7 percent of their earnings back for retirement. But who can blame them? They have gotten nothing but bad news about the companies that are supposed to be there to help advise and guide them since they were born.

Bad information, bad reputations, corporate greed.

These are the thoughts that come to mind when they even think about possibly investing in their futures. Even if they could find a company out there with the best of intentions they still can't figure out how to connect with this generation because all they can think about is how they connected themselves.

We have to figure out how to change that. That is our hope for lyfeBeast. To become that voice, that connection.

Is is possible? We think so. Will it happen overnight? $@#! no.

But we are committed.

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