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Expect Naysayers Everyday...

Haters gonna hate. No matter where you turn, people tend to be more negative than positive. It's crazy but people feel safer putting something down or dismissing it rather than finding out more. No matter how great your cause or how unbelievable your product, expect people to say it won't work. Here are a few tips to turn that negativity into fuel for your dreams.

How to Deal with Naysayers

Never let naysayers slow you down. You should take them seriously, but not personally. So when dealing with acquaintances, friends, and loved ones who may have a different paradigm than you, use these solutions:

First learn to identify them. Sometimes we don’t realize that someone is being a naysayer. They may be a close friend or spouse or other trusted person, so when they scoff or say negative things, we trust them and take it to heart. But there’s a difference between being realistic and just being a naysayer. Learn to listen to what others are saying, and see what your reaction is. If it discourages you, makes you feel like quitting, then maybe this person is being a naysayer.

Find out if there points are valid

Like I said, sometimes they are just trying to be realistic. They might have a good reason for their negativity. Step back, objectively think about whether they are bringing up a real obstacle that must be overcome, and if so, figure out how to overcome it. It’s rarely insurmountable. If you want it enough, you can figure out a solution. Now, if they don’t have a valid point, read on.

Don't listen to their negative BS

Naysayers have a way of taking their negative thoughts and transferring them to you. Suddenly, there’s a seed of doubt. And it can grow into a huge tree of doubt, with roots that tear up the foundation of your goals. Stop those negative thoughts as soon as possible. Push them out, and think positive thoughts instead. Don’t let them overcome you.

Realize no matter what there will always be haters

In every person’s life, there will always be at least one hater, if not more. You cannot completely avoid them. But you don’t need to listen to them. Just smile, and let them talk. Their words cannot stop you. They have no effect on you if you ignore their words.

Call them out and get their support

Sometimes the naysayer is someone close to you, someone you cannot ignore. If so, it’s best to enlist the help of this person instead of fighting against them. Do this as early as possible. Tell them that this goal is very important to you, that you need them to help you find a way to accomplish that goal, and you cannot do it without their help. Tell them that you realize they have doubts, but you really need them to be positive, and support you. They can be your best ally, instead of your worst naysayer.

Laugh at them

Sometimes people are uncomfortable when you make a change, and so in order to ease this discomfort, they will make jokes or tease you. This probably has less to do with you than it does with their discomfort. They don’t know how else to deal with this change. Realize this, and just laugh. If you take it as a good-natured joke, sometimes this will disarm them. They may continue to make jokes, but it won’t be as tense and won’t have as much an effect on you if you just keep laughing.

Correct their misinformation

Sometimes people are just misinformed. They might have misunderstandings about what you are doing. Know all of their arguments, and the common potential arguments, and have counterarguments ready. Do your research, and be very informed. Then try to educate your naysayer. If you do it right, with a positive, sincere attitude, you might actually get the person to listen, and perhaps even change their mind. If not, at the very least you know better, and you don’t let their arguments create doubt in your mind.

Rely on the fact that you are doing something good

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do. You can’t win them over, you can’t avoid them, and you can’t laugh with them. So you have to just ignore them, and keep telling yourself that when you do achieve your goal, that will be your reward for enduring this naysayer.

Again, there will always be naysayers in your life. But they are just more obstacles that you have to overcome to get to your goal. There will always be obstacles, but if you think positive, and seek solutions, you can beat them (or get them to join you).


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