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Don't be the smartest person in the room....

You may have heard the quote, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you better find another room.” I completely agree with this concept. If you are the smartest one in the room, there’s no way to push or stretch yourself. Also, it removes some humility, which is essential to learning.

I commonly refer to my days playing basketball. In my first year of college, I played in a summer pro league in Southern California that had a mix of former, semi-pro, and NBA players. The experience of sharing the court with them made my game explode. I was motivated and pushed in ways I hadn’t experienced before. Even though I would get outplayed, dunked on, blocked, manhandled, etc. every single day, it made me a much better player. When the real season came around, the teams and players that we went up against were inferior to what we played against all summer and it allowed our team to shine and dominate.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is going to be crucial to your own growth because it helps with accountability. Find those that will intellectually challenge you. It will help if you’re open to feedback and criticism because the right people will provide it. If you’re not open to change, you will not learn the intended lesson.

A valuable type of partner is an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t guarantee that you have a great idea and will immediately find success. In fact, this type has faced failure numerous times. Yet, the only way that a true entrepreneur fails is when they stop moving forward. The wealth of knowledge gained from a successful entrepreneur will educate you on what has worked and what hasn’t based on their experiences.

I’d advise surrounding yourself with someone who sees themselves as either on an equal level of your current success or beyond. Even though this may create communication challenges from time to time, you will go farther faster with this type of relationship in your day to day life.

No one wants to be surrounded by nothing but "YES" men.

If your intention is to build your wealth and you want to optimize your standing as an person, then working with others will be paramount. Learning from those around you will be a valuable part of your success. I can’t recall anyone that achieved massive success that has not been part of a team. The truly smart people in the room are the ones that realize that they have just as much to learn from you, as you do from them.

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